Dreamblog: Having a Ball

Two nights in a row I had dreams about attending balls. The first dream had me hanging out with Count Pyotr Andreyevich Tolstoy in 1700s. This is pretty easy to explain — I am reading a book about the Tolstoys.

This morning I had another dream, where I was at a Newscorp ball at the Hilton and talked to Rupert Murdoch. He completely agreed with all the things that I proposed to be done at TV Guide and I woke up very pleased with myself.

“I’m Rupert Murdoch, the billionaire tyrant. And this is my sky-box.”

You see, ordinarily I have the most horrible memory for faces and names. Just terrible. It’s because my brain is a bit lazy. So I decided to work on that. I bought a book about remembering faces and names and started paying attention.

Something slightly surreal happened to me today. Rupert Murdoch said hello to me in an elevator. You see, I was reading Murdoch’s biography a while back and studied the pictures well enough to recognize him. So I guess he noticed the look of dumb recognition on my face and said “Hello”. I said “Hi”. Probably I’ve seen him many times before in the elevator – his office is a few floors above.

This is approximately how it went down:

Here’s the soundtrack.

NYYC part II

Remember I wrote about New York Yacht Club building? Well, I could not find any decent photos of the building, so I decided to take some myself. I cant’ say I am very pleased with the results, but what the hey.

In a sea of taxicabs.

Baron Harkonnen would have liked this

Just a regular vomiting fish. They seem to be pretty common.

I would really like to take a look inside. Maybe if I rise high enough in corporate ranks Rupert Murdoch will take me there. :)

Unfortunately I haven’t read the Commodore’s biography yet. I think his yacht was a lot like him – ugly, but impressive.