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  • Michael Krakovskiy 9:09 am on April 29, 2004 Permalink | Reply
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    Who Is Ozzy Osbourne? Or Bloggers, Objectivists and Ozzy Fans, Oh My 

    I really hate the fact that livejournal does not provide visitor logs. I am very interested in my readership, but too lazy to put up some tracker pixels. Well, I have been looking at the image logs and found some very interesting things.

    For instance, it appears that my photography has a very broad appeal. This “Sara Beth” blogger who used this blackout photo I took (without giving me any credit) appears to be a fan of Ayn Rand.

    Sara Beth, Ayn highly disapproved of using copyrighted material without giving credit of any sort.

    But then there’s “El Chupacabra” who posted this image (also with no credit to me) in the Ozzfest 2004 section over at siN’s Metal Forums with this heartwarming quote: “Each time I look at that Incubus pick, the metal is just sucked out of me. lol”

    This could be a good photo cover for Atlas Shrugged, but instead it turns on Ozzy fans. Go figure.

    In case you missed them, blackout photos are here and here.

    Hmm, I think I should try to sell at leas one of my photos to a respectable publication of some sort. I wonder what it takes to do that. Hmmm, maybe I should invest in this.

  • Michael Krakovskiy 1:20 am on January 17, 2003 Permalink | Reply
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    Wartime Booty 

    There are two WWII trophies in my family. One is a polishing cloth. Another is a fork.

    I used the polishing cloth for many years without knowing what it was. Recently, I learned it’s origin. When my grandfather entered Budapest with the Red Army, the city was in ruins. The beautiful Parliament building was not that badly bombed, but all the windows were broken and shockwave scattered much of the furniture around it. So the polishing cloth came from a broken Budapest Parliament chair.
    The Parliament

    The Cloth

    On the Net I found the following reference:
    Inside the acoustically superb council chamber are 438 specially
    designed leather chairs for the deputies, while the velvet-upholstered
    seats in the inner circle are reserved for the ministers of the government.

    So I’ve been polishing my boots with a piece of velvet from a Hungarian government minister’s chair.

    The second piece of Gramps’ wartime spoils is a German fork. It’s a regular fork with no markings, except that it’s extremely heavy and a bit bigger than regular forks. It’s the most ergonomic fork that I’ve ever ate with. It’s my dad’s favorite fork.

    This fork gave me an idea. Why do I keep eating with crappy modern utensils, when I can buy cool stuff on eBay. I’ve decided to replace all of my utensils with WWII era military ones.
    Here’s the first arrival: the seller claims that it’s a British paratrooper’s fork.

    I don’t understand what GR or SR stands for.

    I also can’t identify the metal it’s made out of. It’s too light to be silver, but heavier than aluminum. Maybe some alloy..

  • Michael Krakovskiy 1:15 am on January 2, 2003 Permalink | Reply
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    One Ring To Bind Them All 

    After I lost $30 pounds on Atkins diet my wedding ring started to slip off my finger. Of course, I am not Frodo, and wearing it on a piece of string was not an option. I used to leave it on the dressing table a lot, and finally it disappeared. Who stole Precious is not clear, but Tilde the cat is a likely suspect. So my wedding band is hopelessly lost.

    It was a titanium ring. It looked like this:

    Interestingly enough, the company that makes these rings is located in Canada. I wonder if they were inspired by the Engineer’s Ring.

    I have a somewhat unhealthy fascination with titanium. I love that metal. SR71 Blackbird planes, Akula class subs, and if you are a Star Wars geek, TIE fighters are made mostly of titanium. I own a titanium watch and eyeglasses frame. I used to have a titanium pda case, but I lost it too :( Titanium is almost indestructible, but easily lost.

    Well, now I need to replace the ring. I am thinking of choosing a different, fancier design. Probably one of these.

    I was also thinking about a more exotic material for the ring, like iridium, but nobody makes them.

    By the way, titanium rings are machined out of a single block of titanium. You can’t really smelt titanium, so resizing the rings is out of the question. Imagine how much skill is needed to machine interlocking rings out of a single block:

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